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Adventures in Gardening - Blog



Adventures in Gardening - from the beginning

Andy McIndoe

As many will know I already blog regularly at MyGardenSchool. this is by no means a replacement for that blog. This is my blog about my personal adventures in the world of gardening. I've been gardening since I was a boy - and like everyone I've had different interests at different times. Orchids, roses, tulips, trees. In the past few years I've maybe been more of a shrubby. Recently I've actually enjoyed growing, or attempting to grow a few vegetables. That's quite worrying - nearly as bad as Patsy in An Fab enjoying table tennis. I'm sure one good season with ornamentals will cure me. I love sorting out peoples slightly neglected gardens, showing them what the right pruning and a few handfuls of fertiliser can achieve. I intend to devote a lot more time to that. 

My life has changed considerably since I left full-time employment and went freelance. I kind of get what those "change in lifestyle" characters have craved after years of earning great salaries and then enjoy wading around in mud in a garden. I'm loving the variety, and enjoying aspects of the world of gardening that I never knew existed. Some things are a little concerning. Will I make enough money to live on? A recent heart attack hasn't helped - but what the heck its spring - a new year and a new beginning. The start of a new adventure in gardening.